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France, Providing You A Takeaway Box Mar 16, 2021

France, Providing You A Takeaway Box

According to (ADEME) reports, Years ago, France wastes about 10 million tons of food every year, worth up to 16 billion euros. And a considerable part is wasted in places such as canteens and restaurants.

Since 2013, France has successively issued a number of decrees to limit food waste, which now seems to be quite effective. Among them, the most influential is the Anti-Food Waste Law promulgated in 2016, which emphasizes that curbing food waste is not only on the consumer side such as restaurants, and waste should be restricted in all aspects.

Since the implementation of The Law, it has had a positive impact. Restaurants in many cities in France have begun to provide craft paper takeaway boxes and paper takeout containers, Food waste has been curbed to a certain extent, and the number of meals distributed to the poor by charities has increased significantly. Countries such as Italy, Peru, and Finland have the example of France and adopted similar measures.

According to French media reports, many restaurants are providing customers with microwave-heatable paper takeaway boxes and compostable paper bags. A survey conducted by the government shows that 75% of customers in the region are willing to use paper takeout boxes or paper bags. For restaurants, providing an exquisite paper boxes and bags has become a bonus service, which can establish an environmentally friendly and high-quality image in the hearts of customers.

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