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Are The Disposable Paper Cups Safe? Mar 16, 2021

Are the disposable paper cups safe?

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The quality guarantee period of disposable paper cups ranges from 1 to 5 years. If the guarantee period is exceeded or the storage and transportation conditions are improper, it will cause the aging of the covering and cause the overflow of micro-plastics; the quality of some paper cups does not meet the safety and quality standards, There may be problems such as excessive heavy metal ions.

Unqualified paper cups do have health risks. For example, raw materials that are moldy or contaminated during transportation and storage, the quality of printed inks are not up to standard, that may bring health risks, such as chemical composition, ink, micro-plastics, etc. Which will harm users directly or indirectly.

When using all paper cups, avoid the following 2 types of food: Vinegar and Alcohol

1. Experiments have shown that acetic acid may leach some chemicals in the polyethylene film. Therefore, try not to use disposable paper cups for vinegar, and try not to use it for long-term drinking juice or carbonated drinks.

2. Studies have found that using disposable printed paper coffee cups to hold alcohol with a concentration of more than 45% for more than 2 hours will greatly increase the content of chemical substances in the wine. Moreover, alcohol may also dissolve some components in the ink on the surface of the paper cup, which is unhealthy.

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Regardless of the disposable paper cup, it is recommended not to reuse it, and try not to heat it in a microwave oven, so as not to cause the local temperature in the cup to be too high and the precipitation of chemical substances. Therefore, if there is not indication that it can be heated in a microwave oven, try not to heat it.

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