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Some tips for choosing takeout containers Jun 02, 2021

kraft paper boxes

When it comes to takeouts, what we feel is convenient and joyful during the pandemic, and we have some suggestions for the takeout containers of packing your takeout food.

Whatever food you ordered, there are some many options of takeout containers in front of the restaurant and fast food store, but based on the cost, mostly it would be the plastic takeout boxes or paper takeout boxes lined with PE.

Here are some tips for your options:

1.The best options are ones that are made of the compostable and biodegradable materials. That means those natural brown kraft paper boxes or kraft paper soup bowls lined with PE or PLA should be on the top of our list, these kraft paper containers are usually used for foods like salads, fried chicken, hot coffee and chocolate......

2.Our second option should be the foil containers, which is more safe because the foil has stable chemical performance.

3.We do not advice to use plastic and styroform, they all well knew that they are not environment friendly, like the styroform easily releases chemicals into hot foods and drinks.

kraft paper soup bowls

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