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The degradable and compostable food packaging becomes popular in USA Jun 08, 2021

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According to the statistics of research export M Garside, In 2018, each person in US used 5 pcs of plastic bag per day, and the entire USA had used more than 580 million pcs of plastic bag per year, the total production of polypropylene in USA reached 7.7million tons. In order to deal with the environmental damage caused by random discarding plastic waste, The United States has strengthened the recycling and treatment of plastic waste on the one hand, on another hand has introduced the bans and charging regulations on varies types of plastic.

In addition to upgrading the disposal of waste plastics and increasing recycling to solve the possible pollution caused by plastics, the United States has also formulated bans and charging regulations for various types of plastics from the use end, and has also taken many measures. So far, it is estimated that there are currently about 200 cities in the United States, including many cities such as Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Washington DC, San Francisco, and California, that have banned the use of disposable plastic bags or required taxes.

As the replacement of disposable plastic packaging, the degradable plastic and compostable paper packaging will be widely used in various of fields, like paper packaging with PLA coating is a perfect food packaging solution and friendly to our planet.

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