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Lunch Boxes, Burger Boxes Are Made of Sugarcane Pulp May 26, 2021

sugarcane bagasse food container

With the development of technology and research, The sugarcane pulp has been more and more used to produce tableware, which is green and healthy, environmental friendly, degradable.

The tableware made of sugarcane pulp has the features of high stiffness, anti-extrusion, sturdy, smooth touch, waterproof and grease resistant, microwaveable and refrigerated, diversified styles of lunch boxes, to meet your different In demand, More and more people switch to use this kind of eco friendly lunch boxes, storage boxes, salad boxes, snacks boxes, burger boxes, light food boxes, fruit boxes......

Advantages of Pulp Molded Products

1. Strong plasticity

Pulp molding equipment produces molded products by creating a variety of molds. The biggest advantage is that it can generate molds according to product specifications and appearance shapes. The pulp molded product produced in this way not only saves material costs greatly, but also fits the shape of the product well, so that the product can be fixed to prevent collision during transportation.

2. Excellent protection and buffering performance

The raw material is bagasse. Therefore, the produced mold is very light and soft, and it has a certain degree of elasticity from its production structure, so the cushioning performance is good; after it is shaped by a specific mould, the overall mould has good rigidity and strength, and has a certain degree of rigidity and strength of protection.

3. Waterproof and oil proof

It also has good permeability and waterproof performance. Because the product it carries is food, for the freshness of the food, the outer wrapping paper must have good air permeability. In order to prevent wet environments such as rain, the molded moisture absorption performance can also be waterproof.

4. Recyclable and cost-saving

Compared with other materials, molded pulp products are more convenient to stack, store and transport, and can be recycled and reshaped after not being used, which greatly reduces our production costs and transportation costs

5. Wide range of raw materials, green and environmental protection

The raw materials required for the production of molded pulp products are very wide, and plant fibers are available, so the utilization rate is high and it is green and environmental friendly.

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