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Why the restaurants need to be careful to choose a proper paper takeaway box? Apr 12, 2021

It is crucial to understand that the quality of paper takeaway box would effect the satisfaction of your food.

Imagine that your takeaways ordered from restaurants arrive with grease leakage or the box is out of shape after taking a long time and far distance. How do you feel? You may eat it if you are hungry, but i am sure you are unhappy about it.

Let us focus on how you choose a proper paper takeaway box?

1.The quality of good paper , some manufacturers would choose the paper as thin as they can for saving cost, but we have a common standard of the thickness or SGM of paper in paper food packaging , so choosing a reliable supplier is most important thing.

2.Sample test, please get some samples to test as much as you can, not just listen to what your supplier say.

3.the equipment the suppliers have, the better machines get better finish-products. Especially the printing services for your logo, that help you build your brand, the good printing gives your clients performance.

Based on the above items, it is clear that choosing a good supplier is most important thing.

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