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New Developments and Trends of Packaging and Printing Industry in 2021 Aug 20, 2021



    The Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted many industries, including printing industry. In fact, the new crown pandemic has pushed every company to innovate in their existing business and equipped the suitable tools and technologies to ensure the business continuity in the current crisis. A research report emphasis that by investing the advanced technologies, such as the cloud technology, AI and other similar technology,some companies have increased the income by 5 times during Covid-19 pandemic.

    One of the biggest changes adopted by most of printing enterprises during this period is the digital reform. When the supply chain has been affected severely by lockdown, it became extremely hard to provide services to customers, because the packaging and printing enterprises mainly rely on the physical operation. That is what drives most of them to go to digital and start to use the innovative technologies to serve their customers.


    In this context, the following developments and trends in packaging and printing industry will emerge in 2021 and after 2021.

1. Non-contact packaging solution.

2. Integrated collaboration

3. Virtual printing sales

4. Cloud printing

5. Mixed Culture

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